Introducing Point of Contact

As a leading solution provider of Call Center Services, Point of Contact aims at garnering a positive response from their clients. We are your one and only indomitable partner in growth and focus on creating partnerships that transcend the usual business relationships.

What we believe makes us distinct from the rest is the firm belief in the partnership approach. We also want to serve you endlessly without any limitations and want to be your extended arm in all service needs.

About Us:

At Point of Contact, we lay thrust in providing our clients with effective solutions only. All services pertaining to our customer service management are designed to improve and promote efficiency, productivity and also contributing to the clients’ bottom lines.

We also are one of your most trusted aids, as we can help maximize your ROI in no time. What makes us distinct from the others is that our clients are provided with real-time solutions that aid them adapt to the ever evolving challenges and demands of the ever-changing industrial practices. Apart from having a strong workforce and customer service management, here are some of the other solutions that we offer:

  • Assistance in delivering technological challenges.
  • We provide leadership and great industry experience in no time
  • Cost-effective, scalable, and highly integrated solutions.

Our Services:

Since our inception in the year 2006, we have become the flag bearer of raising the bar for BPO centered services. With the help of our boutique services, we can further help your business reach great heights in no time. Here is what we aim to offer to our clients:

  • Live Web Chat:

Every internet user today needs immediate assistance with his or her problems. A certain amount of delay in reverting back can cause a lot of concerns for the end-users. At Point of Contact, we have crossed and mitigated all these extra concerns and made the graph easier for the people. We have a team of dedicated chat agents who are ready to help the customers with their needs. With their expert guidance by your side, you can easily navigate through your concerns and reach a holistic solution easily.

  • Quality Control, Secret Shopping, Reporting:

Another major area of focus for us is quality control, secret shopping, and reporting. We extend this borough of services to our dedicated clients and help them a great deal of quality work in all departments.

We follow a tri-prong approach to help you maintain quality and also focus on other vital areas, such as customer service skills, text quality, and script usage.

Consulting and Training:

If you are looking forward to getting an exponential increase in the ROI of your company, then our Consulting and Training service is a must pick. With us by your side, you can easily get process training, phone training, and business development center training to improve your company’s experience.

Call Center Assistance:

The main focal point of all the services provided by us centers around our call center assistance. The dedicated phone service professionals employed by us provide the best of all solutions and thereby help you increase the bottom line.

At Point of Contact, our main focus is always leveraging your business to the best throughput. Thus, contact us today and scale up your business goals immediately.