Quality Control

We employ the strictest quality standards and we can ensure your call centers do the same. Whether you are using our call center or you have your own, we can listen, monitor, and grade customer service calls. We are always looking for places to improve. We can help identify your call center weaknesses,
establish better scripts, and even create a better follow­up method to ensure you increase your ROI on your call center services. Quality is key in customer service. If you are not monitoring the effectiveness of your call center, or live chat representatives, then you are missing out on a critical component for branding. Point
Of Contact offers quality control services for our clients. We are here to employ the strict test standards.

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How It Works

When you hire us for quality control, we implement a call recording feature. This records all communications between a call center or live chat agent and your clients. The detailed script is then reviewed by a quality control manager. The manager assesses the client’s need, listens to the conversation, and then grades the call based on how the agent handled it.

This grading system then provides feedback to not only the call agent; showing them where they can improve, but helps you assess the effectiveness of your call center team. Through the grading system, new training programs can then be designed to help improve future communications.

Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Our call center managers use key performance indicators, and metrics to assess:
∙ How quickly the caller speaks to a live agent
∙ How quickly their issue is resolved
∙ The overall success of the call ­ such as whether or not they purchased a product, scheduled an appointment, etc.

Real People, Real Monitoring

Some services offer quality control, but they do so via software. At Point Of Contact, you have a real person monitoring, grading and assessing each phone call to ensure maximum efficiency.
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Secret Shopping and Reporting

Shopping your team is critical to knowing how they are handling your customers. We will shop them in various scenarios and provide you detailed reporting so that you can reward, and or retrain your team. Secret shopping has proven to improve the quality of work being provided, if they know there is a potential for them to be shopped secretly.