Live Web Chat

Engage closely with your customers via live chat.

Point Of Contact offers flexible, live chat solutions that can be catered to your small, medium, or large business. Our agents are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and we can even help convert website visitors into customers.

Why Choose Us for Live Web Chat?

These days, customers want the flexibility of live chat to get answers to their questions, and save themselves the hassle of waiting in a phone queue. With Point Of Contact’s live web chat services, you can leverage the power of live chat without having to tackle the costs and hassles of doing so in­house.

More companies choose us to handle their live web chat needs because:

They get access to chat answering services even outside of business hours. Have a live agent answer chats when you are out of the office, closed for business or simply away from the computer. Having skilled chat agents’; address the concerns of customers, and visitors around­ the­ clock can maximize how many visitors turn to customers and how loyal existing customers stay.
They can capture sales leads. By taking care of those inbound internet queries, our agents can generate quality leads for your business; which means a higher ROI for you.
We provide detailed customer records. You don’t have to worry about reporting; our agents provide you with the customer records and maintain those records so you know what was discussed.
We continually train our live web chat agents. Rest assured every agent on your account is well trained before they go live. And, we continue to train even our best agents to ensure they are continuing to improve, and they operate in accordance to our clients’ wishes.

Get Started with Live Web Chat Today

If you want to leverage the power of technology and offer live web chat services on your website, contact the team at Point Of Contact today for a free estimate and get started today!