Customer Support/FAQ

Have questions? Please feel free to contact a Point Of Contact service professional today. To help answer your questions now,​ ​read through our frequently asked questions.

What is Point Of Contact?

We are a full­service boutique firm that specializes in call center management, quality control, live web chat​, ​and consulting services. From appointment setting​, ​to customer support,​ ​to phone surveys, we are here to tailor our services to the exact needs of our client.

What if I only need call center services?

At Point Of Contact, you can hire us for as much or as little as you need. If you just need to fulfill internet requests, we can help. If you just want call center services to take over while your business is closed for the day, we can do that too. Our services are custom-­made for each clients’ need and there is no such thing as a service request that is too small,​ ​or too big.

How can you increase my internet department’s success?

Point Of Contact basis our services on years of experience in the industry. We research competitors in your particular industry, conduct market analysis​, ​and more to ensure maximum success. Our training and consulting services have helped countless clients improve their internet department and most importantly, increase their ROI.