Do you feel as though your internet department is not maximizing its potential? Do you want to know where you can improve?

The team at Point Of Contact offers innovative consulting and training solutions for companies that want to better their brand and increase their ROI. As a boutique service, we can customize your consulting, and training needs based on your industry and help ensure you remain competitive.


Point Of Contact wants you to understand your customers’ buying needs, habits, likes/dislikes, and more. By knowing what customers expect, you can better tailor your call center services, and even your marketing plans. Our consultants do the market research and analysis for you, and we even assess your competitors for a comparison.

Just some of the consulting services we provide include;

∙ Internet Lead Management Systems ­ We can assist your internet sales department with the development, implementation, and training of CRM’s.
∙ Customized Marketing Solutions ­ How you market your products, and services is critical.
Our consultants will assess where your marketing is lacking, and help come up with a more effective & valuable marketing strategy.
∙ Performance Reporting ­ Through call center monitoring, quality control, and more, we can monitor your company’s performance, and look for ways to improve.


We offer a robust suite of training solutions to better your company. Some of the training programs we can implement in your organization include;

Internet Sales – Training ­ we can help improve the effectiveness of your internet sales team, train your staff on the sales process, communication and more.
Process Training -­ We will work with you and team to create a training program, and process that leads to maximum efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction rates.
Business Development Center Training ­- Our team can work in your in­house business development center to offer implementation, training and even management processes. We help market your brand, value, products/services, and more.
Phone and Live Chat Training ­ – Most customer service agents lack the proper training for call and live chat services. Our team has proven techniques that can teach your call center, and live chat agents the necessary skills they need to improve customer relationships.