Case Studies

The team at Point Of Contact can help you increase branding, value, and overall ROI. We have proven techniques that are effective and have been tested numerous times. We continually refine our processes to ensure we are up­to­date on the latest technology, procedures, and most importantly, keeping our customers competitive within their industry.

To prove our techniques are solid, we have completed a variety of case studies for current and future clients to assess.

What Our Case Studies Assess

Our case studies are in­-depth and assess the overall value we provide to our clients. Just some of the areas we assess include:

∙ Business Development Processes -­ We review the management, implementation and maintenance of our business development center services. We look for consistency, professionalism, and assess how our services have bettered our clients’ product, services and brand.
∙ Live Chat Services -­ Our case studies review the effectiveness of live web chat; most importantly, how much more efficient it has made your business’s internet department.
∙ ROI -­ Every client wants to know if they will receive a return on their investment. Our case studies assess the ROI for our services to help future and existing clients see the value in Point Of Contact’s services.