About Point Of Contact

Point Of Contact opened its doors in 2006, and since our start, we have dedicated ourselves to bettering our clients’ services. From offering exceptional live chat services to quality control, phone follow up calls and consulting, we are here to provide your company with the services you need to grow and succeed.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clients with highly effective, and quality customer management services that are tailored to answer the needs for:

∙ Efficiency
∙ Productivity
∙ Growth
∙ Increased Profitability

We provide our clients with real solutions that help them adapt and grow within their ever­changing marketplace. With our complete line of lifecycle support services, designed to complement our clients’ needs, and add value to their business operations, products and services, we are here for every stage of your company.

We do not just provide solutions, we deliver value. We are committed to giving our clients a competitive edge, and providing them with superior services. We establish long­term customer relationships with each client by listening to their needs, anticipating future needs and taking action to create effective solutions. It is our goal to help our clients not only establish a brand, but protect it for the future.

Why Choose Us?

At Point Of Contact, we are here to offer custom services to our clients. There is no such thing as a need that is too small, or too big for our dedicated staff. From helping your website customers via live chat, to managing your call center, or handling appointments to implementing customer care training programs, you can rely on Point Of Contact to help you maximize your company’s ROI. Some of the reasons your company should consider Point Of Contact include:

∙ We have decades of combined experience in the customer service industry. We know what makes customers keep coming back for more.
∙ We have tools that improve your business; from inbound and outbound marketing, to 24/7 support and live web chat.

∙ We have innovative consulting, training, and quality control services; from strategy meetings, to customized marketing, to internet lead management, we are here to help you get the most from your customer support.

See for yourself how Point Of Contact can help your business grow by contacting us today for a no obligation estimate for our services.